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سایت استان زنجان

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بخش بایگانی سایت استان زنجان

According to The Office of the Supreme Leader, Grand Ayatollah Khamenei the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution in a message Written beginning of the year 1396 Hijri, with the birth of Hazrat Fatemeh Slamallhlyha and Nowruz greetings to all the fellow citizens and Iranians, particularly the great families of martyrs and veterans and Wishing year with blessing, security and prosperity for the people of Iran and the Muslim world, the new year as the year of "resistance economy: production-employment" was named.


the power and greatness of the Iranian nation confessed.



The slogan of resistance economy of output and employment in 1396




are regional and international security in the turbulent environment was an important index and the Iranian nation over the years, "sustainable security" experienced.

"All the young" and "pious gestures inclusive" Two other indicators in assessing the success and progress of the Iranian nation, the Islamic Revolution Leader pointed to it and said: sensational view of activities and innovative scientific, cultural, sports production and thousands of groups Young nationwide and mild religious meetings and activities, including the pros and Shadyafryn for the country and our nation.


, discrimination and inequality and social pathologies "associated with all I feel.


He stressed: We are all responsible and should be held accountable to God and the nation.


have a total view.

key points include domestic production and employment, especially youth employment.



The slogan of 1396, the slogan '96, this year's slogan, motto, 1396




officials must report the results to the public at the end of the year.


End /

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